Make A Choose Your Own Adventure

There was quite a bit of cool stuff at the migoogle conference in Brighton, one of the things I was inspired to do was learn more about using Google Forms in the Classroom.  Kit Hard (@kithard) presented on forms (Click here for the resources) and one really cool use is getting kids to make Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Remember those?  I do, and I still read them and share them with students.  Well, if you are interested in making these for or with your students, check out my example.

I needed to do this because I just started them on forms today, and they all want to write them next time we are in class.  I just spent a bit of time making this sample, I’m excited to see what my students might do with them.

What ideas do you have for use of this in the classroom?


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I’m a husband, father of three, fifth grade teacher, writer, blogger, guitarist, drummer, staff camp director, rogue tech trainer, and a watcher of sunsets. I write about many subjects, but I’m currently posting articles related to education and technology.
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