Writing With Mead on Write About This

When I get up in the morning, early, this is my time for reading books like Mindset or playing around with new apps and inspirations that my friends and PLN have passed on to me, or even things that I just stumble upon.  So I was reading, and Mead comes in and she says, “Want me to show you what’s cool about the new apps that you downloaded?”

“Yes.”  Was my answer.

So she showed me some drawing apps, and then I said, “My turn!”

So I opened up Write About This.  You can check out all about the app at the link.  Check out what we created using the app:


Needless to say, I’m buying the full version and can’t wait to get this in my students hands.


About wmartin4

I’m a husband, father of three, fifth grade teacher, writer, blogger, guitarist, drummer, staff camp director, rogue tech trainer, and a watcher of sunsets. I write about many subjects, but I’m currently posting articles related to education and technology.
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