How to Place a Link on All Your Weebly Sites!

I just had a breakthrough on my classroom website. I am about to teach K-5 Technology Lab, so in order to stay organized I created a homepage on, with links to six other sites. For instance, the kindergarten page is separate from the first grade page and so on. One problem is that Weebly does not allow you to copy pages are elements between websites.
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.26.59 PM

A screenshot of my Computer Lab Webpage

So this presented a problem, because if a student clicks the wrong navigation button, they might not be able to figure out how to get back to the main homepage to fix that. I figure there must be some sort of hack to make this work, so I began experimenting. I found the answer!


I’m working with the Google Chrome browser on a Mac. I assume that this would work on a PC or a chrome book, however I can’t be completely sure, since I didn’t test that.


Here are the steps:


First, I created an icon for the main page by taking a screenshot of my logo, which is the image at the top of this post.

After, I uploaded it into an image frame and linking the URL to direct the user to the main page. The next step is to copy this image with the link across all my webpages, at the bottom. Go to the Weebly editor and click on the footer frame. It is the empty box at the bottom.  It will ask you if you would like to choose a certain layout, unless your theme is a classic one, then you will just be able to edit a blank footer like you would any part of your page. If you have a newer theme, choose any one it doesn’t matter. Now start editing the footer by deleting everything inside of it. Once you have done this you can drag an image frame inside the fire, upload your screenshot, attach the link, And click publish.

Homepage screenshot with footer icon

Here is my webpage with the finished image in the footer.  It is automatically copied across all the pages in the site!

And voilà! You have just created an icon on every page within the site. If you have more than one site, you’ll have to just repeat the process multiple times.

There is a more complicated way, which is when I started out doing. That is to grab the frame source, copying it, and then pasting the code in the footer source code, which if you are a coder your skill set probably caused you to stop reading the blog post before you got to this part anyway.  I would recommend avoiding this unless you are comfortable with HTML and that works faster for you.  Feel free to contact me with any compliments or questions on this.


About wmartin4

I’m a husband, father of three, fifth grade teacher, writer, blogger, guitarist, drummer, staff camp director, rogue tech trainer, and a watcher of sunsets. I write about many subjects, but I’m currently posting articles related to education and technology.
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