#Mindset13 Ch. 3

Thanks to Ryan Horne (@ryanhorne0076) for hosting last weeks Mindset questions!  Now I’m ecstatic to post questions for the week by Maureen Isenegger (@MIsenegger):

Chapter 3 Questions:

Q3.1: Is talent or natural ability a determining factor for success? Do you or someone you know have a natural talent that seems wasted because it has not led to achievement? #Mindset13

Q3.2: As a young person, did parents or teachers tell you that you had a natural talent or ability that would lead you down a successful path? Are your successes now, related to traits you feel are gifts or natural talent? #Mindset13

Q3.3: Have you ever told a friend or a student that they were gifted? Or hinted that they might be inept or unskilled in some area? Has anyone ever shared these type of opinions about your talents? #Mindset13

Q3.4: Have you ever been told you have a gift or talent that you are unaware of? #Mindset13

Q3.5: Do you think that it helps students to be made aware of and receive extra tutoring in areas where they may have gifts and talents?  #Mindset13

Please post here and on Twitter your thoughts!  Can’t wait to get the week going!





3 Responses to #Mindset13 Ch. 3

  1. wmartin4 says:

    A3.1: I’m thinking that our culture feels that natural ability is the top, if not in the top 5, in terms of ability or success. I’m referring to stories where people make it, often a part is how they were ‘so musical as a child’ and ‘doing algebra at the age of 3’ so when we compare that we were still contemplating silly putty and tops at that stage, how can we be destined for greatness? My thoughts have changed so much on this topic.

    • Manan Shah says:

      Natural talent, as it’s called, seems to exist. I think what often happens in these anecdotal recounts of the successful so-and-so is the often omitted and unmeasured number of people with a natural ability in any given area that do not simply succeed.

      The separating factor is to be able to hone that natural talent into a craft. No matter how good one is at something, naturally, one still has to dedicate time and energy to be polished. Every individual with a natural gift who has succeeded by whatever (reasonable) way success is measured has done so not just on raw talent, but by putting themselves through some serious trials. A little luck also helps — but luck, tends to favor the prepared.

  2. wmartin4 says:

    I agree, that talent can open a door, but it is the resulting effort that makes a difference. I’m just starting to learn to write code, and I feel that I have a real natural talent for it. But from this step, I can only write one HTML that any student could also learn in the same amount of time. Compare that to the self portrait section of the book. Look what those folks could do in just FIVE days!

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