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Hello #Mindset13 participants!  I’m posting the questions for the rest of my ‘Mindset Moderating’ week.  Each week will have questions written by a different participant, and please feel free to post questions to the group at any time.  We are here to grow!

Our first day got off to a strong start, and this inspired me to put up my list of questions for the rest of the week.  Note that this does not run like other chats such as #MichEd which runs from 8-9pm on Wednesdays.  This chat runs all the time, which means that you can jump on Twitter for a few minutes here and there and search for #Mindset13 and respond to questions, reply to participants, or simply read.  Not a twitter user or need more than 140 characters?  Post a comment. If something moves you and you want to post a lot more than a comment, then consider posting a blog.  Let us know so we can link to it, or contact me and you can post it here at techseededu.

Note: These questions are subject to change at any time, but of course, feedback is always appreciated. (See our #LivedChat archive on Providing Feedback for more on that)

How This Q and A Format Works:

If I post a Q1.1-(Question from Chapter 1, number 1), and you want to answer, feel free to write A1.1-. Here is an example from today:

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For those of you new to Twitter, and yes, we are hoping for a mix of Twitter newbies and veterans, you may notice that the question is below the answer.  That’s just how it’s going to appear in your feed, even though the Q comes before the A.  Everyone, please invite your interested friends.  Due to the nature of this “pop in when you want” style, I believe there could be 10-100 participants (or more) and we should still be able to follow the discussion.

Look for a new Q every day or so.  Sometimes in the morning, and sometimes before 4.  My next Question will be Q1.2 (The second chapter 1 question on Thursday).  Thank you!

Chapter 1. The Mindsets

Q1.1-What is one talent you have that few people know about, or something you can do quite well that might surprise others?

Q1.2 Is there a talent or ability you would like to have but don’t? How do you know you don’t have it—what’s the evidence? #Mindset13

Q1.3-Are you willing to work on that talent?  Can you name one thing you could do to develop that ability? #Mindset13

Q1.4-Can you think of a time you faced an important opportunity or challenge with a fixed mindset? #Mindset13

 Q1.5-Now that you know a little bit about growth mindset, how would you have acted through that same experience? #Mindset13

Q1.6-Now, can you take that same opportunity or challenge and switch into a growth mindset? #Mindset13

Q1.7-Is there someone in your life with a fixed mindset.  Do you understand that person better now, and how to help them grow? #Mindset13


7 Responses to #Mindset13 Questions

  1. Sara Trotter says:

    A.1.1 One thing I’m good at, something that would surprise others…
    My first thought was sports. I’m very athletic; most sports come easy to me and sports are a natural way for me to have fun, get a good workout in, and release stress. But, everyone that knows me, knows that I am athletic, so that example doesn’t quite fit the question.
    My second thought was that I’m creative/artsy and spontaneous. A lot of people know that I like routine and structure and so therefore do not think of me as also being creative and spontaneous. But, I am- especially with my kids; it’s easy to explore life through creativity with them. Also, I LOVE to let go and have fun…both qualities might surprise you, depending on the way you know me…

    A1.2 Talent I wished had but don’t…
    The first thing that cam to my mind was that I would love to learn how to play the guitar. But, I don’t think this is an ability thing- it’s more of a priorities thing: I just can’t fit in the time to learn right now…someday, for sure.
    BUT, something that I wish I could at minimum improve on, is my ridiculous lack of directional sense. It’s awful! I get lost ALL the time; even my 5 year old navigates for me. You know it’s bad when you have the kids buckled in and your 5 year old asks, “Okay, mama, do you have the directions? Are you sure you know where we are going?” She speaks from experience, on more than one occasion, I have asked her if we were driving the right way…

    A1.3 Work on the talent I want/lack
    I am willing to work on it- I have a GPS system on my phone and I try to visualize where I want to go and the directions I need to go to get there. Just the other day, I was driving in WI (I live in MI) and I was about 11/2 late to my destination, and when I arrived, I was so happy that I made it! Everyone who was at the destination, knows that I have absolutely no sense of direction, so they were equally excited that I made it. 🙂

    A1.4, 1.5, 1.6 Time faced with fixed mindset, reflecting on how it would be in a growth mindset…
    Without getting too personal :), I’ve had a very difficult 2 years. And, most of it was faced with a finality, a definitive mindset- black and white, wrong or right…Through intense reflection and therapy, I have reached a point that I no longer see the struggle as ‘bad’; I see it as a journey, an opportunity. It feels so much better thinking of it all that way- in a positive way; but not just positive, but in a way that creates growth. That’s incredibly empowering; taking ownership for what you can own, and letting go of what you cannot. Needless to say, the last year, has been a year of awareness and growth- seeing life through a new lens.

    A1.7 Someone in your life with a fixed mindset- how to help them grow.
    I know lots of people in my life with a fixed mindset; at this time, the most powerful thing I can do is tell them about my transformation and how beautiful and freeing it is to feel that nothing is finite and you can change yourself, your world.

    Cheers, @bill_m_4

    • wmartin4 says:

      To Ryan and Sara, I’m glad you both referenced music in your responses, I think wherever we are, music is a great way to practice growth mindset. I have days where I play every day and then weeks can go by where I have not even played a particular instrument. Then I will get a little time and I’m back in playing. I used to be quite fixed in my playing, thinking I had to play well before others could see me or hear, but I realized that there is one thing that I can do musically just as well as any musician, famous or accomplished. That would be having fun. I can have just as much fun as Jack White does, and that really enables me to explore musically.

  2. First of all, chapter 1 of Dweck’s Mindset closely reminds me of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. Hay’s book is marketed as self-help, while Dweck’s is labeled as psychology. Both books state the following premise early in their writings: 1: We need to become aware of our thoughts. 2: We need to understand that the thoughts we form attract certain situations, abilities, and people into our lives, while, at the same time, those very thoughts reject certain situations, abilities, and people into our lives. 3: We have the power to control the thoughts we form. 4: Therefore, our thoughts control our destinies.

    Obviously, Dweck’s book focuses on mastering abilities and creating the highest intelligence that you are capable of, while Hay’s book is more of an all encompassing life guide. Bottom line, the thoughts we form create the life we live.

    A1.1 – Like Sara posted earlier, I have some athletic abilities. I was a state ranked junior tennis play when I was much younger. However, most people that know me well already knew that about me. I guess one talent I have that less people know about is my ability to be a public speaker. I have always felt comfortable speaking in front of an audience. I don’t get very nervous, I actually like being the one on stage with the microphone.

    A1.2 – I would love to be able to play the piano. I’ve always wanted to be able to play with both hands working together on the keys. The evidence that I do not have that talent is the fact that I cannot play a complicated melody with both hands. I can play with one hand and figure out a tune by ear, but that’s about as far as I can get right now.

    A1.3 – Am I willing to work on that talent? Not really. At this point in my life, I have very little free time, so I prioritize how I want to spend that time, and piano lessons don’t fit in right now. Yes, I could learn by watching videos online instead of face-to-face lessons, but time is time.

    A1.4-6 – Once again, similar to Sara’s comments, I have had a very challenging past few years. I have had BIG changes in my personal/family life. There was a fixed mindset on part, and that fixed mindset was partly responsible for how things played out. Looking back, I wish I would have used a growth mindset to solve the problem. The growth mindset wouldn’t have made the problem disappear, but it would have made huge changes in the time table and the way that the problem effected myself and my children. I learned how I need to be more aware of my thoughts,and aware of how my thoughts brought certain events and people into my life. Now, I’m working on being in control of my thoughts, and working on bringing about the changes that I wish to create.

    I’ll try not to get too personal, but here I stand as a single parent, with two wonderful children, who are with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (they are what’s right in the world). For me, I now see that my past challenges were a pattern, a constant struggle dealing with the same kind of issue. The issue kept on repeating itself, and I had no success in solving it. I was trying to solve the repeated problem the same way, every time. I could not move on from this problem until I learned the lesson that was presented to me, and until I used a different approach to solving the problem. The fixed mindset I had at the time was telling me there was only one way to solve this problem. No wonder I struggled and took a long time figure it out. That being said, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over the past when we were stuck using a fixed mindset. Part of the growth mindset is understanding that life IS learning. That we all make mistakes and learn from them. The growth mindset is learning how to solve problems and how to create the events and situations we wish for in our lives.

    • wmartin4 says:

      I think that so many of our problems are the repeated type, and it’s really tough to see that without reflection or help from others. Being able to release our past is really growth and liberation, what makes this concept so powerful. It’s tough when we see our young ones repeating the same problem situations as well, as one of my kids cycles through the same problem, I’m trying to bring awareness to this fact, but I think the most important is compassion. Trying not to lock in that fixed mindset, and I know that I had the same mindset for decades, even when I tried to pretend that I didn’t have it.

      For me, it sometimes just meant getting stuck in the same thought pattern, and others it was getting stressed or being late or unorganized, forgetting events, etc. I still do these things, but not so consuming anymore and I’m able to pop right out of it without being overwhelmed.

      Well, blogging is a great forum for this discussion to spillover into, you were quite right, some thoughts have trouble when limited to 140 characters.

      • I agree with so many of your points. Our struggles and our repeated problems do not need to define us. Rather, we need to become aware of the struggles and ask ourselves, “What have I done to bring these problems onto myself? How can I change this pattern?”

        Everything we face, both good and bad, is from what we have created and brought upon ourselves.

  3. Sara Trotter says:

    Hi Bill and. Ryan 😉 I love your reflections.
    For years, I kept my struggles to myself. I never wanted to really face them, or admit them. When I could finaly take it no longer, I talked with some family and friends. Opening up was the first step in this beautiful journey of reclaiming myself. I am, still a work in progress :), as maybe we all are; to be able to reflect openly about my journey and to hear your stories as well, is brilliant. It reminds me that we are all just trying to be our best, and trying to connect with others who we can share our stories with. It’s a pleasure. 🙂

  4. Lori Dunn says:

    Thanks to Bill, I have read the first chapter (finally) and going to be reading the second tonight. I loved reading both of your comments! I truly believe that is what makes both of you great teachers…your ability to have that growth mindset and to self reflect on your actions. You are both amazing fathers, as well as teachers because of these qualities.

    I, too, have gone through some stuff and have come out the other side stronger. My youngest son, who is studying anthropology, has asked me how I did not continue in that cycle. I was never sure and have given many answers. After starting this book, I am pretty sure it is a growth mindset!

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